ITS Angelo Rizzoli Event

Event / Graphic Design / Video




the AIM

ITS AR logo angelo rizzoli Federico Martelli

The aim of the event was showing the strengths of the ITS course.
Were also delivered the graduations to the students of last year, reiterating that all of them has already found a job, whereof two in Munich, Germany.


task completed

  •  Place review (analysis)
  •  Position planning of the equipment
  •  Graphic creation of the event (logo, banner, indications..)
  •  Storyboard planning
  •  Planning and creation of event materials as videos, images, slide, presentations



On the video side were made shootings in a professional studio with professional cameras and lights.
Was also used the “greenscreen” to replace the video’s background with correct abbreviation news. I created the entire work with Premiere Pro and After Effects.
For the abbreviation news was created a 3D world with After Effects.


The studio (timelapse with us during the shooting)


Video event


First Video (on the start of the event)






Green screen effect (a cut of the original video event)


TG News (start)


TG service title





During the event were made a lot of shootings, to allow the creation of the final video. I also mounted it with Premiere Pro.
Then the video was sent by newsletter to all people who were at the event.


Final video post-event (was sent to all ITS people)