Collaboration week censhare

Event / Social / Video

location (where)

Munich, Germany.

censhare AG
Paul-Gerhardt-Allee 50
81245 Munich

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Collaboration week censhare Federico Martelli Munich

The collaboration week is the meeting of all the censhare’s employees in the official headquarter for one week. During this period all team collaborate to make better censhare through meetings and conferences. Everything ends with a night party in a disco.



  • Study of the materials to be produced for the event, timetable creation
  • Creation of the materials pre-event, in-event and post-event
  • Social network update




  • Contents creations for the most important social network, constant updates during the event
  • “#cenweek” hashtag creation with constant publications of photos and videos, followed by censhare’s employees



Mini-video creation for the event countdown, published daily. During the event were created some contents as photos and videos published constantly on social network and internatl network. At the end of the event I realized the final video of the whole week.
The aim was to tempt people to work together focusing on themselves. Then I made the video of the night party, more marked on friendship and fun.


Final Video post-event (published on the official site

view video



Final video Night Party


Timelapse Event

Mini video countdown -5


Mini video countdown -4


Mini video countdown -3


Mini video countdown -2


Mini video countdown -1